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Moss Face

This stone face that I made and left outside has grown a moss mask!

moss face


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Stone Carving…again!

I have been attending my  stone carving evening class again after an absence of a year while i did my PG Cert. This is the first piece I made. I carved the sculpture from a piece of sandstone which is crumbly and cannot really be polished. I wanted to make a face that can be viewed from above. I will place it outside and over time, it will gradually gather a patina of dirt and moss in the deeper recesses.

During the first two weeks, I started with a rectangular block which required rounding the edges.  I took these photos each week at the end of a two-hour class, beginning in week three. It is interesting to see how it has changed, and how I forgot that filing means loss of definition. I  think the teeth looked better before I tried polishing them!