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Throwing ‘punch’ method


Student result after being taught what I call the ‘no centre’ method, the students always say they have never thrown such  big work till being taught this method.

I was taught this method by Takeshi Yasuda my tutor at Goldsmiths, but I cannot find any video of him demonstrating this technique, only something similiar he  calls the donut method.

This was made by a student at Greenwich Community College evening class, glazed with buff green and decorated with cobalt carbonate, fired to 1260 C.


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Naked Raku 2016


Naked Raku achieved by applying terrasigilata to bone dry coiled vessel and burnishing to make a shiny sealed surface. After bisque firing a crack off slip is applied and then exactly 24 hours later a clear glaze applied on top.

The black marks are made using sgraffitto, carving through the glaze and slip.

The work is then Raku fired and then smoked in sawdust. After removing from the sawdust and plunging into water, all the glaze and slip “crack off” returning the surface to the burnished unglazed but crackle smoked surface.