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Outside the Staffroom Kitchen. . .

outside staffroom kitchen, July 2012

outside staffroom kitchen, March 2012

outside staffroom kitchen, September 2011

outside staffroom kitchen, July 2011

This is one part of the school garden, outside the staffroom kitchen. i planted 6 gooseberry bushes and last week the students were tasting them! They are hidden by the display of marigold, poppy, and camomile flowers, as are the herbs.

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I was at my job at UAl Friday before last and when i walked out for a spot of air during the morning. I spotted a couple of gardeners digging out all the tulips from the church garden next door. As I approached to enquire if they were going to be thrown away, one of them said “how many would you like?” as if he had read my mind!! I explained about my school gardening job, and the answer to his question was as many as I could carry on my bicycle!!

Some broke off in transport, the others all got planted at the school, as it is lovely and wet at the moment, and many of them still had unopened flowers. They will all come up again this time next year. What a great find.

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Produce Plot

This week, Channel Four called me. They are throwing a party for the Cable Street Community Gardens on June 21st, and famous chef, Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, is going to cook a sumptuous meal from produce and recipes by the plot holders!! Unfortunately I will be at the Glastonbury music and performing arts festival in Somerset.

When I explained that I couldn’t come to the party, the man on the phone seemed to consider sending a helicopter to fetch me from Glastonbury as I told him of my mouthwatering recipes for Russian beetroot salad with horseradish, sour cream, and chives, my stuffed vine leaves (yalenchay dolma), and the garlic butter and parsley sauce for the artichokes!!

Add a generous dash of maple syrup and whatever liqueur takes your fancy to the strawberries and redcurrants! Of course, all the food tastes even better when served up on my own homemade crockery!! I hope that other plot holders can’t make that date either, and that it will be changed so I can attend.