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Ceramic Collage



made from found ceramic shards and horse teeth for the tail!


“I’m a teapot and I’m alright”


Uncle Tom Cobley and all



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Found Angel

One lovely sunny day last week on my return from dropping off the laundry i saw an angel.


Although it was only a matter of a few feet from my back door I placed her carefully in my tricycle for the short trip.


The found angel in her new home.


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Found, Rescued, and Re-Used


This is me with Herman the head, named by this year’s students and found outside my back door. It was used to display the Health and Safety equipment cupboard at our 3D workshop. The wig he is wearing was found at Glastonbury music festival 2014, and helps to demonstrate that it is imperative to tie back long hair (and wigs) when using the power tools.

I also found the model torso outside my back door and needed only a bolt to fix the stand to the body. It is now used by fashion students.


These are metal cupboards found in the street and rescued by a friend who offered to transport them to my studio, as you can see they have already been put to good use in my work space, thank you Jon.


An impression of what caught my eye cycling along the road last tuesday.


I have never just found a ten pound note before! It helped pay for petrol to transport the cupboards!!


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The Reuse Exchange


The facilities of the Reuse Exchange comprise a small room that used to be the boys’ toilet when the building was a school! The technical team at the CCW Progression Centre helped clear the space—and using shelving made of salvaged wood—created a storage area for found and donated materials. The Reuse Exchange idea is not a new one; our team have always had ‘offcuts’ boxes of wood , metal, and plastics, and have encouraged students who need materials to make use of these free resources.

The Reuse Exchange opened last week, and the first student who came took wood for her sculpture and promised to donate something next week. The second student turned up with a roll of chicken wire which she exchanged for a piece of mdf which she then proceeded to saw into smaller pieces to make printing blocks.

I’m excited that it seems so easy to implement reuse and sustainability to the students, and it provides great storage for materials that would otherwise have been thrown away. Check out the gallery soon to see some of the artworks created by students using the Reuse Exchange.