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Raku Party in India

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Having a raku party is a great way to introduce the raku technique to anyone. It involves making and bisque firing pieces ready for glazing on the day, plus making raku glazes for participants to use. Clear glaze and copper glazes give great results. The recipes we used were made by my friend and glaze specialist Lekha.


Lekha weighing copper carbonate.


Everything in India is hand made including the kiln and the “chimta” or tongs, used to remove pieces from the kiln when the glazes have melted.IMG_8413

Kiln made by Anirudh Panday, Rakesh testing the burner hole size.


After removing hot pieces from the kiln they are placed into scrunched up newspaper in metal bins, and left to smoke in a reduced atmosphere for at least 5 minutes.


some of the results from our raku party


Copper and clear glazes on porcelain,  deliberately painted, leaving spaces for the matt black obtained from the post reduction smoking in newspaper.


Copper matt, smoked for two minutes in newspaper then “burped” which allows oxygen to combine with copper then sprayed with water at the point of most colour.


Wax resist to give black areas, clear glaze on porcelain tile.


Wax resist to give black areas, clear glaze on porcelain tile.

Thank you Lekha for making this raku party happen.




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