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Magicshire, 2011. Secondhand plate with collage ceramic transfers

The accident of breaking something ceramic  evokes a sadness and feeling of loss, but discovering the art of kintsugi, a Japanese technique using gold lacquer to enhance the repaired cracks,  providing the broken piece with a new identity, now gives me a feeling of excitement each time something gets broken.

I have not yet deliberately taken a hammer to a finished piece, as in the portrait of Chris Huhne by Grayson Perry in his show Who Are You? I’m practicing on the inevitable accidental breakages for now.

Some more examples of my own kintsugi:



Secondhand Saucer



Secondhand plate


Then one of my own plates jumped out of the cupboard last week! How exciting.








Author: pandaji

Ceramic artist, educator

2 thoughts on “Kintsugi

  1. Gorgeous! I love this and your blog in general. I am always very sad when something ceramic breaks, and I would like to practice this myself. Thank you for introducing me to kintsugi.

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