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Found, Rescued, and Re-Used


This is me with Herman the head, named by this year’s students and found outside my back door. It was used to display the Health and Safety equipment cupboard at our 3D workshop. The wig he is wearing was found at Glastonbury music festival 2014, and helps to demonstrate that it is imperative to tie back long hair (and wigs) when using the power tools.

I also found the model torso outside my back door and needed only a bolt to fix the stand to the body. It is now used by fashion students.


These are metal cupboards found in the street and rescued by a friend who offered to transport them to my studio, as you can see they have already been put to good use in my work space, thank you Jon.


An impression of what caught my eye cycling along the road last tuesday.


I have never just found a ten pound note before! It helped pay for petrol to transport the cupboards!!