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3 tbag bowls1

I started making used tea bag bowls for recycling tea bags into compost. I wanted them to be pleasing aesthetically and to give a clear message so that families and the public knew exactly where to put the tea bags. Some aspects of the making also involve recycled materials, in this case the clay. I use a traditional English method of slip and sgraffito. I can vary the size according to whether it is for public or domestic use. The bowls give a traditional and secure feeling when situated next to a kettle in a kitchen or on a café counter.

£10 each

tea caddyleftside1

The tea bag caddy is a natural extension to the used tea bag bowls. These are all individually made, using white earthenware or porcelain slabs and wooden lid with brass screws. I rescued the wood that had been discarded by a furniture maker, and the transfers discarded by David Birch from The London Pottery. The wooden lid is satisfying to use and is warm and welcoming to touch and provides ritual to the tea making that has been lost with the advent of tea bags and perhaps less use of the traditional teapot.


I like reusing and recycling, and I enjoy being an urban beachcomber and home tourist, seeing my locality anew each day. It is the satisfaction and serendipity of finding something that inspires me. Visiting charity shops, finding pre-loved teapots, and then adding ceramic transfer collage using words rhyming with tea, also found by reading or listening to the radio, suggest feelings or stories told while pursuing the ritual of drinking tea. : – )


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