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Raku Firing

A raku firing during the course I taught at Greenwich Community College earlier this year. Photographs by Kirsty Sapsford.

Quenching the flames.

Me in the smoke!

Work hot from the kiln into the sawdust.

Sawdust bins with smoking work.

Kirsty checking all pieces removed from bin with gloved hand.

Copper matt test.

Clear glaze test.

Raku birds.

Raku leaves.

Kirsty’s work.


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Outside the Staffroom Kitchen. . .

outside staffroom kitchen, July 2012

outside staffroom kitchen, March 2012

outside staffroom kitchen, September 2011

outside staffroom kitchen, July 2011

This is one part of the school garden, outside the staffroom kitchen. i planted 6 gooseberry bushes and last week the students were tasting them! They are hidden by the display of marigold, poppy, and camomile flowers, as are the herbs.