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Creature Clayground Workshop

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I volunteered to run the first Crafty Saturday of 2012 at Stepney City Farm. The workshops are open to everyone regardless of age, and certainly a variety of people participated. Currently there is crossrail tunnelling equipment and works on the farm, and the animals are waiting for their new homes to be constructed. The planned rural arts centre building will be where future crafty Saturdays will happen, keep track of events by checking the farm website.

During the workshop, participants created creatures using clay and found items such as feathers, twigs, wool, and scrapstore treasures. Old electrical capacitors made great insect legs!

Many thanks to May MacNair who came and helped out all day, and made some fantastic insects, and to all the participants who worked hard to create the Clayground of curious creatures.


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One thought on “Creature Clayground Workshop

  1. They are nice, I did some chess pieces in clay but nothing like this texture, it’s lovely.


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