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Bread Heads

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This is a creative collaboration by Valentin Manz, Christine Cynn, Neil Taylor, Harriet Murray, and members of the local community working together to create bread heads. The molds were made using grogged red clay and fired to 1120 degrees centigrade. The sourdough starter mix is Valentin’s and Christine’s own concoction. As they are leaving the country next weekend, the idea was to show people how easy it is to make your own bread, and if you had a container they were giving it away.

If you want to make your own bread, you just leave rye flour in water in a bowl for about five days under a damp cloth, and the natural yeasts in the air do it all for you.

Workshops were held showing people how to mix and knead the dough, which is the left to rise for a couple of hours. After that, more kneading is done. The dough is then ready to bake. Using the head molds in a homemade oven, the bread takes the form of the mold while baking.

The heads were displayed and/or eaten and the rest were donated to the anti-capitalist protesters outside St Pauls Cathedral. Check out more of their work here.

Here is some bread that I made, inspired by the workshops:


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