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Brick Project

We were given raw, readymade bricks by the artist and told to carve them, based on the idea of identity.

I used three bricks to make a face that originally had a tongue sticking out!! This got broken off almost immediately. It was a bit rude and probably looks better now!! The cigarette butt (that someone has stubbed out on its cheek) also makes it look tough.

The “never be sharp, never be flat, always be natural” was what my mum drew in my autograph book. Does anyone under the age of 50 even know what those are?? Do kids nowadays have them still?? I wanted to put it on a brick so that I could commemorate her and also because the message is a good one.

This diagram of an eyeball was created by one of my students who has made many eyeballs, usually in bowls and in great detail. Carving the brick to this degree of accuracy is a real achievement. This brick has an educational aspect as well as portraying a beautifully drawn diagram.

This wheel was carved by a man who used to be a wheelwright, one of those professions that very few people now know how to do.

I made this one because there seemed to be so many bricks, and the students had done as many as they could. I did this very quickly without too much thought, and now i like it because it truly shows my love of cycling.

All of the bricks have improved with natural aging and weathering as the carved areas have been defined by earth and moss.