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I have made a glaze from raw chemicals using scales I have done ceramics before coming to foundation I learnt how to read a glaze test tile during my ceramics foundation course I chose ceramics as my main subject I am going on to a ceramic BA course I have made a glaze test tileAnd /or glaze test and/or any other test or experiment
I learnt a technique from a fellow student I taught a fellow student a technique I shared my thoughts about another students work with them I discussed my glaze test results with other students if they asked me to I found help from other students essential on days with no staff in the studio I found the chart for skill sharing really helpful
NO Thank you for helping me out with my action research project.

Thank you for helping me out with my action research project.
Did you find doing glaze tests and experiments helpful or not?


Student J.T.

They were enormously helpful. They acted as an archive and showed me how wide a variety of glazes were available to me, which directly influenced my work. The different thicknesses gave me an awareness of how to not over-apply glazes, and the huge differences in doing so. And which glazes could be combined/ fired together.

If it weren’t for making test tiles, previous examples and the help and support from students and staff, my work would be bland and I wouldn’t have such a love of ceramics. I wouldn’t have stayed on in all likeliness.

Glaze added another dimension to everything I plan in ceramics, and forced me to plan ahead, better manage my time, and organise myself.


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