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I have made a glaze from raw chemicals using scales I have done ceramics before coming to foundation I learnt how to read a glaze test tile during my ceramics foundation course I chose ceramics as my main subject I am going on to a ceramic BA course I have made a glaze test tileAnd /or glaze test and/or any other test or experiment
yes √(only once!)
I learnt a technique from a fellow student I taught a fellow student a technique I shared my thoughts about another students work with them I discussed my glaze test results with other students if they asked me to I found help from other students essential on days with no staff in the studio I found the chart for skill sharing really helpful

Thank you for helping me out with my action research project.

Did you find doing glaze tests and experiments helpful or not?


Student A.E.

Without the glaze tests/experiments I don’t think I would ever had the grasp I have on it as I do now, and even now, I still have a lot to learn. Having visual and tactile access to experiments in glazing has been a welcome avenue for inspiration; and making them myself planted more familiarity with the relationship between glaze and clay.

In my final major project in particular, I’ve had to be very specific with the thickness of glaze on different parts of the clay body, almost drawing/painting with it rather than merely coating the whole piece. I couldn’t have done this without the tests of different thicknesses first and comparing them to each other. The indentations on a tile can also be personalised to suit the project, which I found useful and gave me a sense of ownership towards them. The idea of test tiles is also useful for a student because they can be kept and collected like a library. I know I will be bringing the ones I’ve made on foundation to my degree course.

With not much time on each project though, sometimes there was no time to wait for test tiles before glazing a piece/pieces. In this case it was a learning curve. In my final major project, glaze tests went in with already glazed pieces. But as a result of the test pieces, I made more work to glaze although it wasn’t part of the plan nor was it agreeable to the time. But you can’t help art can you? We made time and the glaze tiles definitely inspired it.


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