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More Found Objects

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I had a great find on the way home at the corner of Turner and Varden Streets after felt class.

List of found items:

1. Non-stick frying pan medium size, great for pancakes. (I already have one very small and two very large frying pans found at Glastonbury, but not a medium size)

2. Two thermos cups and three wooden photo frames, one of which contained a map with the corner where I found everything, only someone had circled the next corner!!

I gave Dave the frames for his artwork and the mugs have been added to my festival/camping collection.

3. A new white phone that is now next to my old one that Mark gave me in 1979!! The old phone actually still works, so if anyone needs a cord phone, I have a spare one now!!

4. A box of bright red bulldog clips from Paperchase.

5. I also found these old wooden hangers on the way home from felt class, but in Turville Street off Redchurch.

I haven’t counted, but there must be thirty of them. Better start hanging up my clothes!!


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