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Found and Rescued

Found and rescued bicycle

This is about items I have found and rescued from my immediate locality in the East End of London.

I noticed this bicycle leaning on the wall of the next block of flats across the footpath alley way outside my backdoor maybe in the early 1980s. It stood there for two weeks without moving because it had flat tyres. By that time, I felt like the man who saved his life by guessing which symbol the king had put on his back and decided to “rescue” it. After I had pumped up the tyres it was ready to go and has been my mainstay bicycle for (omg) 30 years. Found and rescued.

Found Pooh - not rescued

Winnie the Pooh was found and photographed on a bicycle last July 2010. I was warned by a workman not to touch it as it had been chucked out of a drugs den and he thought there might be dodgy needles stuck in. Hence found but not rescued.

Found and rescued horse

Sometimes I can’t help myself. I have a kind of sixth sense feeling which urges me look into a bag. On one such occasion in the late 1990s, there were a number of black bin liners on a local corner and when I ripped one open it was full of Indian wedding invitations, and so was the next and the next and so on. I am still using them. Another bag I couldn’t help opening recently was in my own street bin. It was one of those posh paper bags with proper dressing gown rope handles and when I pulled it out it felt very heavy and contained this amazing horse jumping on a roof tile. This may be a somewhat dubious, dangerous occupation, but I’ve discovered some treasures because of my innate curiosity.

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Chocolate teeth

I have had the same dentist since I was six years old and have only one filling in my mouth. I know only one other person amongst my friends who flosses daily! When my teeth began to knock together after the most miniscule amount of alcohol, I visited the dentist to be told I had hereditary bone loss in my jaw and I needed treatment fast.

Nicotine stains

£1000 poorer, and having to sing supercalaifragalisticexpialidocious over and over again, in my attempt to speak normally with a mouthful of stainless steel twisted wires glued to my top and bottom front six teeth. It feels like being a teenager with braces and I remembered reading aloud to myself in the toilets at boarding school so that I could pronounce ‘s’ without lisping. Hopefully I’ll be keeping my own teeth a bit longer before I need dentures.

Open wide

As is common knowledge, technicians eat a lot of cake, so I was even more shocked to learn from the specialist dental hygienist that chocolate is better for teeth than cake!! The wires mean no more toffees, luckily they forgot to tell me that until after they’d been glued on, otherwise I might have had serious second thoughts, I love toffees. The chocolate dentures are my response to this recent dental experience.

Teeth in hand

Teeth with tongue