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Action research project: feedback

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“If students discuss feedback on their assignments, in class, they are more likely to think about it and take it seriously.” (Rust et al, 2003) The Foundation programme includes a group project in order to facilitate Rust’s statement.

In relation to collaborative and shared learning, I initially agreed with the statement “Sharing tacit knowledge requires interaction and informal learning processes such as storytelling, conversation, coaching and apprenticeship.” (Wenger et al. 2002) until I realised that the model was co-opted by companies such as Procter and Gamble the makers of disposable nappies. I now agree with Grayson Perry when he concludes that “creativity needs to be reassessed, creativity drives the capitalist monster that is killing the planet and creativity has overstepped the mark and we need to contain it.” (Perry. G. 2010)


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