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Profile 2. Designing and planning learning activities, May 2010

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Sharing one’s own passion and enthusiasm for the subject so that students become engaged and enthused is the most rewarding part of my job. I love doing ceramics and I am a great advertisement for the subject. Getting to know the students on a personal level and vice versa has meant that the mutual trust that has been built up amongst the students and myself has helped a great deal in their ability to approach me for feedback at this final stage in their course. (Brookfield 1995)

By directing the way they experiment and perform tests and try out techniques, the students gain self-esteem and trust in my knowledge when they have instant feedback and encouragement. I have been trying this as a whole group and individually. My strengths in designing learning activities that enhance transformative learning (Mc Gonigal 2005) are that I can help student understanding of how they learn by introducing or suggesting different ways of approaching the subject.

In accordance with Dall ‘Alba 2005, I can now assess myself at the end of a workshop, and evaluate whether the planned learning outcomes have been achieved. By keeping a reflective journal, I can evaluate how to use this information to improve and enhance my own practice.

A recent example of this was observing the different approach that the tutor and I take when the students have very little time to produce the final show piece and I am still encouraging the tests, as I still understand that the assessment will be constructively aligned and therefore a proportion of the marks will be given for process. (Biggs 1996)


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