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Profile 2. Examples of teaching and/or supporting student learning, May 2010

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Confidence was shown by students who were previously nervous about attempting to glaze a large article. I am trying to use methods that enhance transformative learning like disorientating, failure (Taylor 1998) I do not consciously set up students to fail, but if something does ‘fail,’ I find it useful to discuss what is seen as failure, (as in an arts subject as opposed to say medicine,) failure could be construed as a positive outcome.

Learning can be the ability to know where to find knowledge. Understanding the way to read a standardised glaze test and then the ability to imagine whether it would do justice to a particular piece. Practising the application techniques in order to learn how it behaves on a specific piece or place. Allowing time for discussing test results or work in progress, either as a whole group or individually, and encouraging students to discuss their work with each other. This helps enhance self-esteem.

Occasionally when I am giving advice or demonstrating techniques I am not deeply familiar with, I have learnt to try not to show how nervous I am as this can be contagious! It seems a shame that there isn’t more time for formal discussions with colleagues as to how well we are supporting the students as a team.


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