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Profile 2. Integration of scholarship, research, and professional activities with teaching and supporting learning, May 2010

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I have uploaded various web links and my own photographs of ceramics onto the blackboard. I have contributed a video to the Process Arts website to accompany the ceramic sphere I built for the collection. This was shown recently at a conference in Berlin.

The PG Cert course has increased my understanding of pedagogy, and my action research project has made a significant contribution to the foundation students’ understanding of ceramics. It has also been interesting to contribute to peer action research and discuss results with colleagues. I feel that I have more confidence to encourage cross-curricular use of clay, and I have seen an increase in the number of students from other departments using clay.

I found myself asking colleagues whether they have done PG Cert, because it means that they know certain pedagogical theories and have the language to discuss various learning and teaching theories. It is inspiring to have a common ground of pedagogical knowledge so that one can discuss one’s own understanding of the theory with colleagues who might have different interpretations. Finding my community of practice amongst the university is discussed more thoroughly in the next blog post.


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