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Profile 1. Developing effective environments, student support, and guidance, October 2009

I have been thinking about this with particular reference to the lengthy process of ceramics and the shortening of the teaching week. I am interested in gaining an understanding of what it is that one gets assessed on if the work is not fired or finished. Perhaps I would be more effective as a supporter of student learning if the guidance I could offer could be more objective and more specifically directed towards assessment criteria. I also have many years of experience with ongoing workshops and therefore would appreciate the chance to learn how to plan for much shorter student contact time. I am about to lead a daylong workshop for 25 boys (age 7-9 years) along with some of their parents.


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Profile 1. Critical analysis and evaluating one’s own practice in relation to pedagogy, October 2009

I am looking forward to finding out more about critical analysis and evaluation of my own practice. Apart from the occasional feedback form after a special workshop or course I have presented, I need to learn more about current pedagogical theory and self-evaluation related to the best practice of these theories.

Other than the principles described in my first blog post on design and planning of learning activities, I am interested in increasing my knowledge of different styles of learning and how to relate them to assessment, particularly the written assessment. I also need to learn how one assesses students with special needs, such as autism or a disability.

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Profile 1. Reflecting on my own practice to identify scope for enhancement, October 2009

I have always been interested in reflecting about my teaching and finding better and different ways to be a more effective communicator. During my annual self-appraisal this year, my line manager encouraged my own self development which resulted in immersing myself in several courses such as first aid, D.I.Y, Photoshop and now this one. I look forward to the start of the course so I can immediately identify what it is I need to do next. I will begin by looking at the recommended reading list and find out how to use the library. It all feels a bit daunting and exciting at the same time.