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Punch Method

Very proud of these 5 inch tall pots, from (first ever time on the potters wheel) students at greenwich community college thrown using the “punch method” or as I prefer to call it the “no-centre” method.

Glazed with light blue over greenwich green and shiny white  over greenwich green

fired to 1260 C.


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Raku at Greenwich Community College 2017

Student work from this years Raku course.

 Showing great use of wax or no glaze for black areas.



Handcarved Salt dishes, which stacked for firing, as no glaze top and bottom, thus taking up less kiln space than they would have, had they all been fired separately.

Vessels dipped in white and copper glaze not overlapping in some areas leaving unglazed areas which go black after firing when smoked in sawdust.

Showing wax applied before dipping into glaze, the wax resists the glaze and goes black after firing when smoked in sawdust.

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Brick Factory Java Indonesia

On a recent trip to Indonesia, I came across a brick factory where the whole process from digging and refining the clay to pressing the bricks is all done by hand.

Digging and refining the clay


Pressing the bricks


raw bricks stacked for firing              fired bricks getting loaded onto lorry



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Ceramic Resources

and if you feel inspired to learn ceramics my evening classes start again next monday and tuesday 7-9pm at Greenwich Community College plug plug!!

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Why not look at some ceramics?

Try out the following suggestions :

Visit V&A 6th floor ceramics department  and Contemporary Ceramics  opposite entrance to British Museum on Great Russell Street.

Check out or youtube and get mesmerized watching experts from the comfort of your home.

Check out the link below for thursday evening talks by ceramic practitioners at

The Kiln Rooms

Or if you are at home watch The great pottery throw down on bbc

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